Thursday, August 28, 2008

Last Day in Paradise

We got up pretty early on Tuesday to pack our bags, get the last C-vitamines out of the sun and get the last B-vitamines out of the beer before it was time to head back to Oslo, Norway.

We never give up on traditions so after a quick burger at Oslo S we passed Elm Street for a beer to talk through the best vacation ever.

We were both free on Wednesday which was the best decision ever made. It would have been horrible to come back from holidays and straight back to work. We got online for the first time in 8 days, ate late lunch at "Politikern" and watched "Hero" & "Flying Daggers" on DVD before falling asleep.

Now I'm on the train, almost in Stockholm again. I've had the most relaxing and wonderful vacation ever. Finished 2 books (Jenna Jameson biography and Bukovski's "Pulp"). Tomorrow is rehearsal day and on Saturday we're playing Els Rock in Holland.

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Scary Sarah said...

were did u go in egypt??? i've been to skarm el skeik it was really fuckin hot!!