Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sharm El Sheikh via Oslo

I got on the train around noon. I was gonna change trains in Karlstad but we were delayed so I had to squeeze into a overheated and packed buss that would take us the last 200 K's.

I finally reached the capital of Rignes, met up with Jeanette and went to have a beer at Elm Street.

We woke up at 7:00 next morning, got on the train to the airport, had some breakfast before boarding the plane.

Well in Sharm el Sheikh we were almost the first ones in line for the customs and no hustle. Got out and then, BANG! That wasn't Jihad it has the heat that hit us like a frying pan in our foreheads.

Got on the well air conditioned bus that would take us to Dreams Beach Resort.

Driving us madly through this massive playground surrounded by castles of sand in shape of hotels and resorts the bus driver never let go of the horn.

The room was nice, quite big, clean and the air condition was really good.

We decided to walk around the resort, had a drink at the Beduin Café, ate dinner in the main restaurant and had a beer watching a guy singing love ballads "singback".

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