Monday, August 25, 2008

Old Market & Glass Boat

Woke up after a really good nights sleep and it was Sunday already. I decided to visit the gym again while Jeanette tried the water aerobics in the pool. We spent the rest of the day in and by the pool and after dinner we decided to go shopping in "The Old Market". Damn! I've never been called Bob Marley so many times in my entire life. It was crazy. Most people thought I was from Holland and screamed "Rasta", if I would have seen a hair saloon I would have cut off my dreads the same minute.

But we found a lot of cool stuff there for a very good price.

After 2 hours we were totally exhausted from saying "No thanks", "I'm from Sweden and she's from Norway", "Bob Marlely is Dead", "I don't want your camels" and finally "I'm from China can't you tell?". We jumped into a cab and got back to our room.

After breakfast on Monday we took trip with a so called Glass Boat. It was pretty cool at first to see all the fishes and corals through the floor but I got so annoyed by one of the guides that put on really loud music with speakers just screaming out treble. Finally we stopped and we jumped in for some snorkeling. The way back was really nice sitting on deck drinking a coke and watching the coastline of Sharm El Sheikh. When we got back it was only 12:30 PM and we had a whole day to just relax. In the evening we went to Grill House for dinner, very good food and service.

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Anonymous said...

people start yelling "rasta" at you..? but you don't even look like one (that's my oppinion) and your dreads are cool