Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Spoiled by Whip

I guess most people is back from their vacation cause yesterday the gym was packed. During the whole summer we've been almost the only ones there.
We gave up after an hour cause there wasn't room for us. Walking back home in the rain Whip came up with the great idea that he would make me dinner. And damn it was good. Entrecôte & Potato Salad... yum yum.
After coffee and chocolate we walked up to Mosebacke for a couple of beers.


Eve said...

Awws, you two look so good in that first pic <3

Veeee said...

AH! I've been out of state and haven't been able to keep up with your blog, though it looks slow, haha.

I have to admit, I was utterly surprised to hear Whip can cook XD For some odd reason or another I always assume band members can't cook, must be them always eating out on tour :D

Skinny Disco said...

He's an amazing cook.

Barbi said...

Did Whip get to eat that salad too? If I remember right once he wrote somewhere he hated potatoes... liar! hehe
You guys look very good and rested :) xxx

Skinny Disco said...

Haha!! Actually he did. I didn't about that.
He told a while ago that he wants to learn to eat potatoes. Maybe this was the first step.

hannah said...

I swear iv seen him with a packet of crisps in his hands before, Their potato aswell.

demoneque01 said...

aww! the first 1 is the best photo of you 2 iv seen in a while! i love it! **steals**

ok i hope you can read this and i hope i translated it right lol

skinntorr , vad mest pinsam sak du har någonsin gjort?

plz reply dude.
julianne :D