Monday, August 22, 2011

New VAIN album

As you know me and Cat has been playing with the band VAIN lately.
And I really want to recommend the upcoming album, so make sure you pre-order it here:
VAIN - Enough Rope
Since the album was recorded before we joined, we're not actually on the album, but I had at least a little to say about the album cover ;-)
If you like good rock n' roll don't hesitate.


Anonymous said...

Oh my God, I have those tights :D xD

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ayame here
So you got a new project?
I'll search the videos
Kisses from Brazil

Skinny Disco said...

Here's a classic from 1989 with VAIN

Anonymous said...

Ayame here
The video is wonderful
I still didn't know that sound but it's really good
I'm glad that cat and you are been a part of this
Thank you, kisses