Thursday, August 25, 2011

Brad Paisley at Circus

I know you're probably sick and tired of my obsession with country music but I just gotta post something for myself.
I've been waiting for this concert since we got the tickets in April and I haven't been looking forward to something this much in a very long time. 
Darius Rucker (ex-Hootie and the Blowfish) opened up the night with a great set. He's got such an amazing voice and really included the whole crowd.
When Brad entered the stage he just took it to the climax immediately. For two hours I stood paralyzed, singing along and I just never wanted it to end.
Since I started playing pedal steel a few years back I was very glad to get the chance and hang out with Brad's steelplayer Randle Currie. He gave me a lot of good tips and tricks and I hope to see all the guys soon again.

Brad Paisley 

Brad Paisley with his band and Darius Rucker 

Darius Rucker and me

Randle Currie and me.


Frida said...

Okej, jag vet inte om du kommer svara på detta, men jag måååste få veta.. Vad betyder chertograd?!
Stör mig att gå och sjunga på en låt som man inte vet vad de betyder.. De gjorde jag en annan gång, Cake and sodomy med Manson.. Pinsamt när jag fick reda på vad sodomy betydde lixom :)

Skinny Disco said...

Det betyder något i stil med Djävulens stad eller De fördömdas stad. St. Petersburg nämndes under det öknamnet bland författare och artister i Ryssland under första halvan av 1900 talet.

Anonymous said...

Love Currie!