Thursday, August 4, 2011

Best of Smyrna, Philly, Frisco & LA

That would be cannibalism!

Beer Bong Fun in Smyrna 

Marquis outside the Legendary Dobbs

Smyrna Boys and Mama Trash

Val (Fashion Bomb) and Me

Sammy (Private Line) w/ Monster

Me w/ Mama Trash All Stars (Photo by Ash Smith)

The Pacific shoreline

Davy Vain and his studio

San Francisco (view from Sausalito)

Golden Gate

The Interstate 5 (San Francisco to LA)

Hollywood by night

Hollywood sign

Yummy beer

Converse Allstars @ The Rainbow (Photo by Pauley Perrette)

Canter's Deli Fairfax

Mr. Premiere


gєє said...

beautifull places <3

caseyy(: said...

awww skinny! you should have put a picture of me and you up there :) oh

Skinny Disco said...

But Casey, I don't have any of those photos :(