Saturday, March 6, 2010

Some people go to SPA, Skinny goes to a BAR.

Some days you just feel a little bit out of shape. And everyone has their way of dealing with it. Some they may go for cocaine, but I get a kick out of a good India Pale Ale.



Have you ever tryed sniffing shot gun shells? I found it addicting.

madeleine said...

hey Skinny, I was wondering... do you know "kangur" in polish means "kangaroo"? ;)
grettings from Poland!
love Deathstars

Anonymous said...

@ 1#DEATHSTARSFAN - dude, what the hell? Stop spamming every bloody Deathstars site and what the hell are you sniffing gun powder for? You're gonna die if you keep this up. Be careful for fucks sake.

Oh hi Skinny :)

Psychobunny said...

Yours is definitely the better choice - cheers!

Oh and #1DEATHSTARSFAN - you need professional help!