Friday, March 5, 2010

Dreads Anno 5th of March 1995

Today it's exactly 15 years since me and my very old friend Sonny Gustafsson made my dreads. This means I've had them for half of my life. This calls for a party:-)


sʍǝǝʇɯısǝɹʎ said...

i made two dreads in my lil sis hair bout three years ago. she just has me cover them up with a hemp hairwrap with beads and stuff. we found a pretty kewl thick piece of glass to slide over one. ill take a pic of them sumtime.

Mel said...

Haha congratulations :)

I think you'll use any excuse to have a party though :P dreads make a pretty good one :)

Happy Dreads Day Skinny :)

psychobunny said...

Those dreads are impressive really and can be used as a weapon if need be. Ever tried to strangle somebody with 'em?

@Mel: as if he needs an excuse for partying *G*

Mel said...

@ psychobunny -

Never said he NEEDED an excuse :p


Ya, I want dreads so much, but my mom thinks they're hideous, and I' like, "What the freak is wrong with you?!? Dreads are awesome!" Have you ever heard of Brian "Head" Welch? Was he still in KoRn when you toured with them? Well, he's had dreads for almost his entire life. Since at least his teenage years and now he is like in his 40's! I never understood how people put dreads in there hair. It looks so hard to do.

Thorna said...

Haha congratulations :) also i agree with psychobunny your dreads can be used as a weapon

anyway have fun celebrating