Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cultivated Boys

Just to be sure to get some contrast in our lives me and the Tax Evasion Guy decided to go and see a play at the Stockholm City Theater with our good friend Gerhard Hoberstorfer in the lead role. The play is called "Ön" which means the island. We are thrilled to see where this 3 1/2 hour long play will end.



I know where it will ind. BOREDOM!

Psychobunny said...

Hmmm, might be interesting. At least I hope so for you guys. Have fun!

Luciferia said...

Sounds like fun - Enjoy yourself and take care :)

Skinny Disco said...

The play was absolutely amazing.
It was about the island where I grew up so there was a lot to relate to.

Fröken Anna said...

"The Tax evasion guy"
Ha ha ha haaaaaa!
Bästa smeknamnet - ever!