Thursday, March 18, 2010

Previous World Tour

Our good friend Will Hert from the land of Oz sent me this video he had put together.


Luciferia said...

That is fucking awesome ^^

Wish I'd been able to go to the gig even more now though, grrrr....

Better tour soon haha :D

Stay cool :)

Silmarwen said...

He forget Alicante (Spain)...¬¬
Sooo... you should come back again because in the video doesn't appear Alicante.

Nice video

Psychobunny said...

Wow, that's one damn cool vid. My collection is slowly growing out of all proportion... BLITZKRIEG!!!

thinking_violet said...


I want you to come to Russia again! Please ^^

cyanide_999 said...

hey why didnt you you put europe tour from granini400 channel?.. its better

Skinny Disco said...

I haven't seen it. Can you give me The link?

Shelbynka said...

Europe, yessss..
I saw this video -
CZ - hmmm, it was so GREAT show..