Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I was just informed that we're nominated as best international band and best live act at this years Golden Gods Awards.
So please help us fight for our right to party and don't forget to submit your votes and the bottom of the page.

Click the picture to VOTE.


Grotesque said...

Wow you have serrious contenders, but since you asked I'll vote for you)) insted of Dimmu Borgir)) and SlipKnot became to pop to vote for

Trish said...

I voted (;

Anonymous said...

You guys got my vote!

Crystal said...

Voted. Always glad to do a favor to an incredible band. Loves you guys!

Silmarwen said...

I´m sure you'll win, but if not, you are my golden gods anyway ^_^
My vote for you and for Nuclear Blast.
Good luck!

Dr.Bitch said...
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Dr.Bitch said...

I voted!! And me and some other guys are busy mailing and informing all Deathstars fans in our region to vote.
You guys deserve it. Your music gives me so much positive energy and at the stage there is a huge amount of energy coming from you guys. I totally love it! Everything!!
And even if you don't win, you are still my stars ;)


Vampyria said...


Demily Carina said...

voted ^^ you're the best guys ^^

Anonymous said...

me and my boyfriend chris are going to arrive early on monday and wait for you guys to arrive outside the metro radio arena.

Anonymous said...


hope, you´ll win.


Blackangel said...

Of course i voted for you.

you are the best band in the world!

Elisa said...

My vote is yours, of course, and good luck! You guys are the best!!



Martina said...

Klart man röstar på er! :D
Btw, kan ni inte slänga er förbi Metaltown och göra en spelning här i Götet?
Hade varit underbart!

Anonymous said...

Skinny do me a favour please...

When you're onstage would you ask a guy called chris Burr if he will marry me please?

It's cause I am not gonna be able to make it to see the show ans he's going so could you ask him for me and let me know whether he says yes or no.

This is very important I will eternally owe my soul to the deathstars forever if you do this for me...

demoneque01 said...

i saw you guys friday in leeds rios, it was the best gig i have EVER been to, i wanted a pic with you so much but we werns allowed in mojo's :'(, tho i got a pic with nightmare, and i am totally thankful :D. i love it haha.
and not sure if you knoticed me but i was at right side of stage with very pale makeup and purple eyes :D. i know nightmare and cat looked at me a few times :).

thankyou so much again. SERIOUSLY, it meant so much :).
lieutenant kinky

EpicWinner said...


Och jag håller med Martina, ni borde verkligen spela Metaltown, hade varit så jävla roligt ;D

EpicWinner said...

* spela på

Anonymous said...

Voted for you guys in the live category, you definitely proved yourselves the other night and it's great to hear the new music :D

p.s. your dreds turned you into a ninja http://www.flickr.com/photos/29149096@N04/3428851047/

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sighning your autograph and thanks for the pics I appreciate it Skinny.

I just hope you remembered to ask my boyfriend if he'll marry me tonight cause i wanna know what he says....

Talk to you very soon.
I can't believe you couldn't remember me when you saw me awwwwwww poor me.

Silmarwen said...

OMG! I've seen your last video in youtube and it's so fucking funny!
It's amazing how Whip changes the music in the Ipod with his hand!

I hope see you soon ^_^

With love from Alicante(Spain).

demoneque01 said...
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demoneque01 said...

here is my blog page:


please watch the vid, its from friday night live at rios :)

hey skinny, check out your sweet arse live onstage haha :)

lieutenant kinky