Thursday, April 16, 2009

Simple rules

Yesterday we played The White Rabbit in Plymouth, UK and after closing hours we had a great party with the staff. There was armwrestling, pole-dancing and professional drinking games. Why can't bars be more like in the 18th century (see picture).


Hommans said...

det dÀr kan vi fixa vetu

Zombie said...

No cockfighting? DAMN!!!!!!!

Vampyria said...

Sounds good!!!!

Jinxx said...


I hope you are enjoying this tour. I saw you live in Glasgow. Thank you very much. It was an amazing show. I was the crazy-dancing blonde girl at the front wearing kitty ears on my head. You handed me your pick. Hehehehe. Thank you. <3


Anonymous said...

Hey Skinny it was nice to see you in newcastle the other day you recognised my bf Chris the other day sweet dude.

Guess what me and chris could be having our own kid soon cool isn't it???.

Well love u and the band loads can u sau a big thank you to Cat for letting us have the pizza box with the 4 day old pizza in it.


cyanide said...

hey skinny! that sounded like a good time. what sort of drinking games were they? i wish i was old enough to drink in bars and stuff...i love alchohol lol
love your faithful fan
ash xxx

horny_devil said...

hiya the gig at white rabbit was absolutely amazing i wish i had hung around now lol or got a job workin there that also would be of been good lol nothin better than lots of alcohol and pole dancing i do both on a regular occasion hehe much love xxx

Silvery Starlight said...

Sounds Pretty Awesome! :)

Demily Carina said...

i love these rules XD "no skulking lofers or flea-bitten tramps" :P

Anonymous said...

Hey Skinny how are doing mate.

You guys are so lucky to have such good roadies because the show wouldn't happen without them.

So you should treat the roadies like gods.

I am so busy at the moment but I always manage to find time to talk to you guys which is good.

I got 8 more months then I'l be mum good isn't it.