Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I've got a new phone which means I'll be blogging more from now on.


Grotesque said...

That's a great news, nice photo by the way, I'm really sick of your blog.

Skinny Disco said...

I promise to get better from now on!

Shadow_Embrace said...

Wow,that´s great!
I´ve discovered your blog today and I must confess that I´m hooked of this blog.
Sometimes I think that famous people is different, strange and they make other things than me.
But you are showing me with this blog that famous, can be so normal, nice and funny as I.
It´s so cute see you so in love with your girl.
To conclude, I want to apologize for my English, I´m Spanish and It´s a bit difficult for me write in English ^_^
See ya!

Anonymous said...

Skinny Dinny Doo, here are you, ready and you're willing!
If we can count on you, Skinny Doo, we'll not... put you up... through? the ceiling.. insert own word.

I'm just trying to say that it's soo nice to have Skinny back! I'm addicted to your blogs and love them more than I love my bass amp!

I think you should show us the skull in your ear. Cause it's my friend Christian and his friend InsertName who made it! Show it to da woooorld!

(I'm in hyper-mood, so sorry.)

Anonymous said...

woo cant wait to read more of your blogs skinny!! you rock!! your blogs are like the best things to read during a boring I.T lesson!!

demoneque01 said...

muhahahah!" make sure you post pictures of everything! EVERYTHING! >:D

hows the tour going?

lieutenant kinky

demoneque01 said...

p.s it my birthday on monday and i will be 15 :D please reply to this message as a pressent :D

lieutenant kinky :D

Anonymous said...

Yay the Skinster is back online dude that's awesome...It's been quiet without you around here which isno fun.

Jess Says "Hi Cat & the rest of the band too and how are you doing???.".

I've missed you and you're insane fun...

Dorothy aka D said...

Whoaa, finnaly Master Skinny is back! I can't wait to read your new posts again, cause the days were very very boring without your posts...but now *dances* and I hope you enjoy your free time before the UK tour!
Anyway which type is your new phone? I'm searchin' a new phone but I can't decide...
ohhh wait, I forgot the most important thing! Is Ipig ok? I hope you not left him in Dante :C

Skinny Disco said...

iPig is still with me and he's doing great. We lost his remote in Flensburg but he seems to get over it.

Quaalude said...

Hej! såg er i Malmö och fick äntligen träffa er med! Ni var jätte bra och älskade att ni körde Tongues! Sonic var jätte bra även de! men kändes som om de fick så mycket mer tid på scenen än vad ni fick även fast ni var ''huvudbandet'', så varför så kort tid på scenen?
Fick några grymt snygga bilder på dig med! måste bara säga att du är världsbäst på att posa!

Anonymous said...

ice to know that ipig is doing okay...