Thursday, April 2, 2009


As most of you know we're going on tour in UK with Marionette and Defiled.
While in Manchester on the 18th of April I'll hook up with Leigh who had me under the needle in Malmö on our last show of the Death Syndicate tour.
So I could use everyones help with coming up with a nice motive to do.

While you're brainstorming think of this:
It can't be too big since we'll only have a few hours.
Let me know where you've pictured me having it.
And last but not least, think BLACK.


Silmarwen said...

It´s so funny!!
We have the same problem! Yesterday was my birthday (oh my god, I'm 25, I'm old!!!!)xD, and I want a new tattoo, but I can't decide a motive.
I have 3 tattoos in my body, a black draggon, a transmutation circle(alchemy icon) and my favorite, The Reaper with the scythe.
The next can be a spider web, but I can't decide yet.
Tomorrow I´ll put the images because now I'm in the lab and I have got them in my pc at home.
I'll hope you will find a good motive soon.


peach said...

in your case i'd do a runes symbol - the "mannaz" (means power and men) - make it somewhere you want to have more "power":-)

Jeanette said...

I think my name would be perfect on your forehead (pannen ikke forhuden, dersom jeg skrev det feil) :)

Demily Carina said...

my new mania is phoenixes because these birds means a lot for me... they've power and i love the story that they reborn in fire. so i think phoenixes are a good idea :)

whereto? hhmm, to your shoulder blade? or i dunno... :)

a phoenix looks better with colours but a black phoenix is cool too ;)

so, this is my opinion :). hope you'll find it useful Skinny ;)

ps.: what do you think about three flying phoenixes in a circle? just an idea :)

Anonymous said...

Why don't you judt have a tattoo of your choice design one yourself and have it done that's the best way to get the perfect tattoo when it's you're own idea.

Anonymous said...

I'd go with Jeanette's idea, in pink wonky letters!

Silmarwen said...

As I promised you last night
My favorite tattoo,
(on my right leg)
(on my back)
Maybe an Ankh in the forearm, a spider web or black roses will be my next tattoo.
I hope you will find a good motive that means what you are looking for.

Dr.Bitch said...
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Dr.Bitch said...

I recently started to read your blogs and I must say I really like reading them.

I don't know what kind of tat you would like to have. What style and stuff. It's hard, because you are the one who's going to have it on your body the rest of your life.

I don't know if this is of any help, but I was thinking about getting myself a nice little cocktail glass with liquor in it and then a guitar pick in that glass.

It symbolizes living your live to the max. Making live a party and enjoying it. And in the middle of the glass is the guitar pick, which is a symbol for the most important thing in my It is just an idea. Maybe it is a starter for more ideas.


Márcia said...

Well, you're scandinavian! What about some dark rune, with roots on Qliphoth or something like that? Blacker than that, I can't figure out at the moment!
Good luck!

Ricky said...

Jeanette, you rule <3

Anonymous said...

I think you should get your daughters name with some fancy letters and some other twinkley stuff around. Or maybe you should have a ... what about a disco ball? Haha xD
It would suit you. Disco ball on the forehead. Or... Yeah, I'm just coming with trash, you can just read it n leave it xD

- Catt

LiamRUDDOCK said...

GET the saying:


on your arms or back
Email me:


Anonymous said...

I agree with Cattof9 with getting your daughter's name (or even a nickname you have for her) tattooed on either your shoulder or chest and surround it with something that she's identified with. Like, if she really likes music, put a musical note with her name/nickname surrounding it.

Elyria said...

Best place for inspiration is here:
He did a big one on my back (result can be found on the DS forum) and he is absolutely fantastic. Mind you, he did the right side of my back and it was done in only 5 1/2 hours, one sitting, so you can probably go bigger than you think! Good luck and have fun! :)

Dorothy aka D said...
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Dorothy aka D said...

I'm with Jeanette!

Okhay,hmm. First of all you should think what is important in your life...which tattoo can show your personality,your feelings? If I were you, I create my own design, because it shows me what I am and I won't see it in another person :)

In my opinion, a guitar in front of a shiny disco ball looks great. Maybe looks greater if there is a circle around these, like in the Battle Royale logo. :) If you thinking in symbols, a symbol like in Alucards gloves from hellsing looks awesome too.
Finally I hope this helped you a bit ;)

catz said...

hay man this would be cool, and even better if the cross was upside down
but it should be your choice

Grotesque said...

Well you can wisit my blog, I have some of my own paintings there. I don't think you'd want a tattoo of that, but who knows)

Anonymous said...

you could do a tatoo of whiplashers sexy hat xD or why not just whrite Lucky? :)

Sixx said...

Hola Dinny Doo! A new tatt eh? Very nice. Depends what you're looking for really.
These are cool -

or what about Lucky in Kanji letters on your wrist?

demoneque01 said...

hey skinny!, thankyou so much for the birthday message! it was VERY much appreciated and i will treasure it haha, print screen and save :D.

as for your tattoo its awesome,
so you want another you say?, well i think you should get something authentic and original, maybe some tribal of your own design, orr a wound placed on your back, maybe like a big hole with spiders comming out, all stitched up but with like the stitches broken from the middle so the spiders are seeping out - thats my own personal idea so i recon its a good 1. or a blood soaked disco ball that sounds good.

maybe some thorns wrapped around your wrist? or barbed wire.
ORR maybe for a simple 1. the deathstars logo. not sure if its the best of ideas but your body is a canvas, and it needs decoration :).

thankyou so much again :)

Stephan Tüchter said...

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Dr.Bitch said...

You should have stayed longer.
I was at the gig too. They actually did show up afterwards. Got the change to meet them all. Really nice and lovely guys.
Maybe something to keep in mind the next time!
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

A cartoon version of yourself :P or a disco ball.

Sammie said...

I really dont think it will matter what you have as it will look awesome anyway!!! I have to say a huge thanks for letting my daughter have her picture taken with you ahead of the gig at O2 Academy Oxford 08.04.09! (we accosted you at the Greek Taverna) The gig was amazing, and she is already on the case to get tickets to the Manchester gig!!! You totally rock!! xxxxx

Samantha King said...

I think that the words Dare to dream would be ace for you as you have clearly followed your dream as a musician and have clearly made it...


Anonymous said...

I think you should tattoo a little discoball. Since you are the master of disco and dancing. don`t know where, but it would suit you perfect! Or your daughters name, on the back! With a fourclover since her name is Lucky!:D


Anonymous said...

Ta texten Skinny Disco likadant som jag har Dj Dake

Rebecca said...

What about getting one done on your eyelid... kinda wierd but awesome nonetheless. idividual and unique as well.

or one on the inside of your lip


(sorry for the HUGE link)

anyways, see you tomorrow night, Birmingham.

Anonymous said...

adme skini plz

Flame said...

What about a black feather on your shoulder or on your arm?
Feathers were worn by Native American Chiefs to symbolize their communication with Spirit, Also feathers represented the power of the thunder gods, along with the power of air and wind.

Anonymous said...

I like you're tattoo skinny looks very nice couldn't have got a better one i think.

I can't wait to get mine soon.
Chris is doing fine we have stopped arguing and fighting each other now.

How are you doing?. I miss you guys.