Thursday, July 3, 2008


On Tuesday I took the train to Oslo. It was packed with 100's of youngsters on their way to the Arvika festival. Fortunately I don't have to go there before Saturday.
When I just passed the norwegian border Whip calls me and says that we have to run the Stockholm Half-Marathon, after a minute of consideration I say yes and now it's official.
Imagine this guy in running shoes!!!

Well it should go great since I'm still off the cigarettes and I'm at the gym every 2nd day.
Now back to the vacation with the exception of Saturday when we're playing the Arvika Festival.


djdake said...

Gym doesn´t help you son, you must start to run with me & Whip. Otherwise you will se our backs dissappear in the horizon 30 seconds after start...

Anonymous said...

Skinny I hate To say this but you incredibly camp in that picture.

I'm sorry but you do.