Sunday, July 13, 2008

Norway Rockfestival

I've had my share of camping and tents this summer so I was really happy that we could stay in "Gamlehuset" this festival. It's actually the oldest house in the valley, not less than 400 years old.
After installing ourselves in the house and making sure not too many bugs was gonna bug Helena we opened up the bottle to say cheers for a cheerio time.

The only band I 
REALLY wanted to see this festival was of course Hayseed Dixie and they were the first band we saw.
 Unfortunately we didn't count on standing in line for 20 minutes to get in to the festival area so we missed the start of the show but made it in time for "Ace of Spades"... everything well so far.
But since it's a rock festival it HAS to rain, a lot.

So we headed back to the house to change clothes, drink some beer and wait for the weather to get better.
It was a little bit to comfortable so we got stuck the rest of the night.

On Friday I started off a little bit too fast, thought I was indestructible. 
Everything was great during the "Pain" and "Volbeat" concert but then we sat down for a couple of cold ones in "Vebua Bar Camp". Actually I was in "Attention" mood, dancing and I fell thru the wall of the party tent. I managed to fix the wall with the strap from my backstage pass and a lot of will.

I told the others that I should just go back to the house for a powernap... some power heh? I woke up around noon on Saturday.

So after 16 hours of sleep I felt quite okay despite the feeling of being a tiny bit idiotic for missing out on almost the whole previous night.
Around 2 PM we get the news that 2 people died on the festival and another 8 or 10 were on their way to the hospital. They stopped the concerts and the festival was endangered.
When they finally announced that they could put the bands back on stage again we went to to watch "The Quireboys" who did a great show considering the mellow mood around the festival.

We watched a bit of "WE" and "Soilwork", passed the "Vebua Bar Camp" a couple of times and then I was tired again. Jeanette had to convince me to stay and she made it. We watched the "Motorhead" show from the FoH tower thanks to my friend Sjöland that does the lights for them.
Then we found out that the "Turbonegro" show was cancelled so we got back to the house to find Vidar suitably drunk on the couch. We sat down and listened to some music before going to bed.

After cleaning up the house on Sunday we drove back to Flekkefjord to repack our suitcase, have a shower before going back to Oslo.
It felt really sad to leave this beautiful place behind, I'm really gonna miss everyone.

R.I.P. Anita Wathne and Terje Bueland

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