Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Today we took a trip to Ingmarsö, an island in the archipelago of Stockholm where I partly grew up. 
I haven't been there since 1987 but it looked almost the same and I was surprised to see that I remembered so much. 
I got to see the school I went to in first grade. We were only 2 in my class and a total of 12 students in the whole school. We also went to see the house we built from scratch. 
Sun was shining and the ice cream was tasty so it was an amazing day.

Skinny & Lucky

Brother, Mom, Nina & Lucky

My School

Our house



Anonymous said...

Skinny where's glasses? O.O Raaaad :D
I assume you had fun visiting your family :) Which is always good.

Skinny Disco said...

Yes I do when I want too fool people that I'm smart.
Me and my family used to live there 21 years ago, so we really enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Haha, that's cool :)
I love your house, I wish I grew up in something like that. It's magnificent. ^.^

Anonymous said...

Är Lucky din syster?