Thursday, July 10, 2008


Late on Monday night we got on the train bound for Sire, with the final destination Flekkefjord.
It was a long ride from Oslo and I had troubles to sleep while traveling through the beautiful landscapes of southern Norway.
When we finally got off the train Doris and Janne came to pick us up. Despite my tired eyes I couldn't believe what I saw during the 20 minute ride back to the house, amazing country!!!

After breakfast we took the opportunity to have a well deserved nap.
When we woke up again we had a long bath and then some Bailys & Coffee before going out to meet Kristin & Stig @ Hestens.
They had a bit of a lead on us so we did our best to keep up with them.
Eventually another personality of mine showed up, we all know him as Skinny Bin Laden but this night he had more of a pirate thing going.

On Wednesday I was fortunate to get a proper sightseeing around this beautiful city. Jeanette also reminded me how to fish crabs.

When we got back the grill was already lit up and it was time for barbeque in the afternoon sun.
After eating we decided to digest the food with some Playstation 2 games before going to bed.

Thursday, today we're leaving for Kvinnesdal to attend the Norway Rockfestival...


Jeanette said...

Den herligste uken ever :)

Skinny Disco said...

Jaaaa! Det var så underbart. Längtar tillbaka!!!

RawrRawrDinosaurxD said...

Yeee Your A Pirate!!! Pirates Pwn...This Is Weird I Feel Like A Stalker!!! xO Lol. Btw Your Tha Best =] <3