Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tour preparations

After a very successful stageclothes meeting we're waiting for the bus back to the city. I think me and Cat will try to find an XXL coffee to finally wake up.


Anonymous said...

skinny!! jejeje this is awesome!!
i love,i really love deathstars!! you guys are so good!!
big fan.. melissa!!!!!


Anonymous said...

why my comment doesnt show?? uff... i hope i pray that you read this, you know something funny?? its eleven o clock in here.. love you skinny!!!

Bumbi said...

Gillar nya designen! :D

Pig Andreas said...

good solution an extralage coffee or BURN energy drink ;)

GEA said...

Double espresso always does the trick for me ;)

Anonymous said...

good luck and have fun on tour cause we, the fans, will =D

djrampage666 said...

Nice to see you all doing OK, Best wishes for next month and the start of your tour and hope to hear news soon about the second leg of the tour.