Monday, September 12, 2011

New passport

The upcoming tour with Rammstein is now possible as I went to pick up my new passport today.


I said...

No plan for Deathstars separated show w/o Rammstein, maybe Graz ?

Skinny Disco said...

Our booking agency is looking into it now. I will post the dates and locations as soon as their confirmed.

djrampage666 said...

Hi Skinny, well dodgy photo! I hope you do some gigs next year on yor own as Deathstars, as if I go to Rammstien I won't get to be able to see you guys :-(
Or would there be a possability in Birminham?
Cheers Dean

GEA said...

Well...a cool passport like that and no US tour dates??? Would we be seeing those any time soon? Could we be seeing them soon??? ;)