Thursday, September 15, 2011


If you happen to be in Stockholm, Sweden on the 29th of October. Do not miss out on the coolest Halloween Party north of the Antarctic.

There'll be horror-country with the resurrected legendary THE COFFINSHAKERS and dark requiem-rock with THE CATASTROPHE ORCHESTRA. On top of that you'll see burlesque performances with PEPPER POTEMKIN & LOLA VAN DYKE from BLACKBIRD BURLESQUE CABARET.

In the DJ booth you'll find ME and Big Fat Joe.

More artists will be presented soon! Don't miss out on this night!


Anonymous said...

There won't be a party this good in Stockholm until the Deathstars/Rammstein afterparty and that's way off in February! So be sure to come! /Tax Evasion Guy

djrampage666 said...

I wish I could be there Skinny, but looks like I would have to sell an organ or my body to get there, well maybe not my body. £1.20p will be not enough.

Bumbi said...

Hade lätt hakat om jag inte var ute och jobbade med nocturnal på böljan den blå. Vet att ni kommer få en grym kväll! :D