Monday, May 2, 2011

Usama bin Ladin Dead

Well now that they claim he's dead I might have to put Skinny bin Ladin to rest and find a new character to bring out at parties and border controls.
Maybe Kim Jong-il or Ghaddafi?


Anonymous said...

It's a real shame. who is gonna make king kong's dream if is not him?
I think Ghaddafi is the man now.

Atte: Caesar from Mexico city.

Psychobunny said...

Damn, I'm going to miss him... I wouldn't concentrate on Ghaddafi either - he'll probably be next. Maybe you should stick to the gypsy look and try some voodoo tricks instead *G* You'd need a black cock (I'm talking about poultry here, ok) though - Papa Legba.

Nenas Rammstein said...

Hi Sexy Skinny, can you say Happy Birthday to Whiplasher? please..

I'm from Mexico, and i have a club fans "Deathstars México".


Jane said...

Ja, gratulera Whiplasher från fans från Ryssland. Vi älskar dig!

Yes, congratulate Whiplasher from fans from Russia. We love you!

Да, поздравь Випа с Днём Рождения от фанатов из РОссии. Мы любим вас всех!

Anonymous said...

Gaddafi next :D R.I.P. Osama :( what a great man he was :(

gєє said...

Ghaddafi is the man now ²


Justin said...

Hrm. I can't determine yet. Also lovin the dreadlocks