Friday, May 20, 2011

Judgement day 21 May 2011

According to Harold Camping and his "Project Caravan" the end of the world starts tomorrow.
So let's pray! Hahaha, kidding!
I'm fascinated by all these fanatics (most of them christian fundamentalists in the US) who manage to convince themselves and others all the time that they have the answer and that it's all in the bible.

I'm gonna neglect all these warnings once again and go to Jonas Renkse's (Katatonia) birthday bash tonight instead of worrying about what god says. The world will come to an end eventually but that will be because us humans didn't take care of our little planet and not because of a bearded man in the sky.

Here's a warning from another guy that claims he understands the bible. That is funny.


Psychobunny said...

Oh man, there are just too many maniacs around. I totally agree with you regarding us destroying everything by ourselves. Anyway have a blast and don't do anything I wouldn't do either.

Anonymous said...

hey skinny
if you find that stuff interesting you should read
you get a lot of christian weirdo's on that with their strange theories
anyway have a fun night and get wasted cause it might be your last hahaha ;) ♥ K

Anonymous said...

Yeah I was hoping something when the time came, and anything happend. I was on the movies and it just started to rain a lot but just it so disappointing.

I think that is just another way of manipulation. Let's remember that fear is just business.

Anyway happy end of the world!

Atte: Caesar From Mexico shitty.

Pig Andreas said...

lolz! "heardad man in the sky" :D:D:D
judgement day 2011 and later 2012! muahaha! fake fake fake

Anonymous said...

It's the Freaking Judgement Day?!
But i don't wanna die a virgin! D:

Oh, wait, it's May 22 already...

Ok then...

bam22 said...

skinny.... see how you cant be skinny bin laden any more? I think you can dress up as this guy : p the only rapture or earthquake I experienced was the earthquake in my head a.k.a a hang over : p

Anonymous said...


Hay what do you have against Beards!