Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fair Erotica

Today I'm at the Fair Erotica in Stockholm showing up some of the clothes I got from Blitz Design.
It's always nice with some erotica on a Wednesday.


djrampage666 said...

Hi Skinny that is not you up that pole is it, I know how you love to pole dance?

Skinny Disco said...

Haha! No I didn't get up there. I let the amateurs have their fun ;-)

Anonymous said...

Jajajajaja. Hey some thing that nobody care, today is a year ago that Deathstars played in Mèxico and today and tomorrow I'm going to RAMMSTEIN's concerts. Life is good
Hell Yeah!

Atte: Caesar From Mèxico (Shitty) City.

Henriette said...

Hey Skinny

Prince kommer till Slottsskogen Way Out West i Göteborg från 11 – 13 augusti 2011.
Kommer du?

Ha det gott!

Skinny Disco said...

Henriette: Jag är sjukt sugen på att se Jayhawks som kommer dit också. Prince blir nog en riktig hit.