Thursday, December 9, 2010

Where magic is made.

I'm using this Thursday evening to compose beautiful tunes whilst enjoying a Hibernation Ale.


fivemagics said...

Enjoy your evening, Skinny. When I get back from New York I will have to fill you in on the sequel to my novel and how you have inspired a new character, creating many twists, turns and scenarios I didn't even realize until a few months ago. :D

Skinny Disco said...

Really? I can't wait.

Andreaskinnyemiloleeric said...

Hi Skinny, see the beer is working the brain. Having a few more tattoos early next year to add to the portraits on my leg of you guys, thanks for looking after me this year at Birmingham, Newcastle and Glasgow. Really looking forward to you coming over next year and hope to meet you in Liverpool aswell next year if you go to the tattoo shop, as will have one on the back of my hand. Send my regards to the other guys.

Andreaskinnyemiloleeric said...

Oh Skinny, I want to send some poems I have done, like I gave you before but they are different subjects and after talking to Emil he may be able to use these for ideas if he wants and would love your opinion as people are telling me to publish them. I do not know how to get hold of Emil but my fb page is Skindisco Andreas Emil.
thanks Skinny

Psychobunny said...

Your desk looks so... empty and clean *envy* mine is always cluttered up with junk and coffee cups *G*

Anonymous said...

I've been opposite the computer too, since the wednesday's morning. Editing RAMMSTEIN'S videos from the tuesday's concert at Mexico city! WAS UNFORGETTABLE!!!.
If you skinny or somebody else wanna check it here is the link.

Before I forget are Deathstars's videos too.

Atte: Caesar from Mexico City.

ルキRuki said...

I would love to have such an empty desk too... mine's full of stuff all the time Oo.
Btw. Can't wait!

Greetings from Germany.