Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry X-mas to ya'll

Me and iPig would like to wish you happy holidays.
How was your x-mas and what is your opinion about the hysteria in all? Do you think it's just another way to make the stores sell more?

I myself scored even more adult points by having the celebrations at our house this year. We've been occupied with family, food and gifts until now. It was a really good christmas in the Disco-house.


fivemagics said...

My mother always said, "Santa Claus lives in your heart. It's your own spirit of giving." My family has dwindled away and soon I will be the elder and my children will grow to have families of their own. So I take this time to let everyone I love and appreciate know how much they mean to me. Maybe some gifts from stores, although I prefer home made gifts such as a new comforter or a painting. I listen to old records and revisit younger days when my mom was still alive, although I'm sure in time I will have a significant other to enjoy this time of year with.
No matter how you spend it, love and joy to you and yours, Skinny. Thanks for the inspiration, I look forward to next year.

Psychobunny said...

I'm not much into all that Christmas stuff. I rather celebrate Yuletide instead. And yes, it has become sort of a material thing over the years at least imho. Anyway, glad you had a good time with the ones you love.

Tigga said...

My mum being bloody awesome and knowing I'm a fan of yours managed to find a revolution riot 'out of the gutter, into the light' CD! (cause I have the other RR cd and pretty much got everything DS XD)Pretty cool as RR's music is awesome but even more cool as she managed to get a signed one!! interesting to see the difference between your RR signature and your DS one :) oh and I got i-pig's eastern cousin. I-panda. WIN!

The Alice said...

Happy Christmas, Skinny! And I hope you have an incredible (and inebriated) New Year. Sounds like you've done enough being a responsible adult :)
Much much love,
Alice xxxx
ps. I seriously hope you guys tour again at some point next year. I'm moving from the UK to Sweden in August, so either country is fine :P

P.I.G Andreas said...

Piiiiiiiiiig! Pig Pig Pig :P
I also got a pig! Perfect gift for me! But giving gifts is now forced many families! Unfortunately! Then stores the luckiest

Anonymous said...

I think that we don't need christmas to see our familys or frinds that we love, or have a good time with them and less that we have to give a gift to someone, to show that we care about them.
I think that we can show the love to our familys and friends with acts than with gifts, but people now wants to spend money than spend more time with the people that their love because of work or personal issues.
Anyway happy holidays and the very very very best to every one!!!

And always Remember that the life's best things are free!

Atte: Caesar from Mexico City.

P.I.G Andreas said...

Should always love each other! Is not it? Not only at Christmas to play this!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an awsome time at the Skinny house, wish I could have been there. Have a great Christmas and New Year, Dean

Wedie Vinyard said...

Happy new year man!, this 2010 was magic only because I could watch you in Argentina, thanks for that !!

Henriette said...

Hello Skinny

First, Happy New Year.
My Christmas was really good.
Christmas hysteria as you're talking about, is something you yourself can do some thing about, for it is a question of expectations, and whether it should be a perfect Christmas as in "DISNYE"
And 2 of the things that were on my wish list were:
☺ Deathstars "NIGHT ELECTRIC NIGHT PLATINUM EDITION with Decade Of debauchery CD"
☺ Rammstein Live aus Berlin "Concert DVD
As I got
I thought that the musician would be happy that we who like your music. and buy your CDs, DVDs or Merchandise ??????????????

Kind regards