Sunday, December 19, 2010

Further achievement

I was DJing at ROCKS tonight and it was a delight as always. Whip, Ben, Joen and a lot of other friends showed up but I still ended up alone. Buhuhu... Nah, I'm kidding. It was a lot of fun.
Good night to y'all!


Anonymous said...

sounded like alot of fun lol. night.

fivemagics said...

Isn't that how it usually works out? At least you can still say you had a good time. :) Ninight.

Anonymous said...

Of course you did, you erased my comment it was on your comment when you were with a dude and you had your glasses. Well anyway I was telling you that if you can get me a deathstars's T-shrit of the last tour on latin america because it does not show up on deathstars's shop online OF COURSE if you can get it for me I'll pay you it. Because today It's my birthday and I want to give it to myself.
By the way ¿entiendes el español o usastè un traductor flaco?

Atte: Caesar from the hardcore Mexico City.

Anonymous said...

By the way sorry for the pinche and cabron.

Atte: Caesar from Mexico City