Tuesday, October 13, 2009

White Ibanez Jetking

Yesterday my friend Mick from Ibanez showed up with a new baby for me.
It's a white Ibanez Jetking, actually the first ever made.
I was gladly surprised that the sound is even better than on the black I have.


Jeanette said...

Shit sÄ lekker den var i hvit baby!
Grattis, kan tenke meg at du smiler!

Babeyoca said...

Enjoy your new Baby!!^^

Silmarwen said...

OMG how many bass guitars do you have??

TinyAngel said...

Ibanez is best ;) :)
Have fun with it^^

Sofie said...

hey! nice bass. didn't you already used it yesterday evening in Vosselaar? or am I wrong?

Skinny Disco said...

Yes I used it as soon as I got it :)

Sofie said...

ahaa!^^ I thought so..
I just checked it the pictures i made! there's one where it's very visible! is there any way I could send the pictures to you?

Maneki Neko ^. .^ said...

Very very cool white baby!=D Enjoy it!^-^

amber said...

hello skinny I wait for estes happening well! I happened this way, since every day I visit your blog;) take care and he remembers much that also there is fans of deathstars in America.
buen dia!!!

Ap' said...

I have just realised that you had a blog, so i'm copying the mail i left this morning, really early on your myspace, cuz i don't know if you guys take care of it, or if it's only an official page :)

"Guys I just came back from your concert for the "Into Darkness Festival"in Paris, and it was SO GREAT! I think (no, okay, I know but it sounds pretencious ^^) that you saw us, a girl (me) and a guy (my boyfriend) we were almost on the stage, next to Skinny Disco, and we were handbanging as hell ^^ (and once with you Skinny!)
Just wanted to congratulate you, to thank you for one of our greatest show ever (and we Are serious!) and also, to say that it was great the handbangings with Skinny, the "flying kiss" with Cat Casino, the hand shake with Whiplasher Bernadotte... Everything! It's great for us, fans, to feel close to a band like this, and not just get a smile and that's it! And it was a lot of fun to! Hope you enjoyed it to! And pleaaase come back in Paris soon!
And continue to be that nice with your fans! It's so bloody rare!
Thx again, so much, from to crazy fans!

Ps : My bf said that next time, he might definitely break the stairs by handbangings (and not only the line suppose to stop us from coming on stage ^^)

Pss : Cat, thxxxxxx for the bottle! I thought you didn't hear me at first! That was cute ;)

See u soon (hopefully!!!)

Ap' and Shaargot :)"