Sunday, October 11, 2009


Yesterday we didn't have any big technical problems which was nice.
And after the show we got company from one of my youth heroes Mr Davy Vain from the band Vain.
After a bottle of tequila we managed to get thrown out of the club.
That was actually a good thing cause I'm enough hungover today anyway.


Maneki Neko ^. .^ said...

Good fun (and good luck!^^) guys!!Kisses to you,to Mr Vain and all the stars!XD

Anonymous said...

är det sant är han utkastad u hollywood också? ta inte hit skiten bara... finsn för många posörer här ändå // dake

Babeyoca said...


Dr.Bitch said...

Whow! If the show you played the 10th of October was as good as the show you played yesterday, then it was fucking awesome.
I had a wonderful time yesterday. I screamed my ass off! Even in the microphone ;) *(blitzkrieg) BOOM*
Seeing you live always gives me so much energy. The interaction with the public is amazing! I danced, sang and had a great time!!! I absolutely love going to a show like that. It is complete and perfect!
Thank you so much for the music en everything!
Good luck with the rest of the tour!
I will probably catch you at the 21th of October in Eindhoven!
Can't wait!
Lots of luck in live and on tour!

Hugs & kisses!

Opheliaaaaa said...

Dear Skinny,

I couldn't come on the 12th october to the biebob show, but one of my best friends was there and she promised me to take pictures and etc.
I hope you come back to Belgium as soon as possible !!

Glen said...

to skinny and to whom it may concern,

i saw you guys plaay live on th 26th in Melbourne and i said that manson wont top you. i was right, manson was great down here but the Deathstars show was still better you guys really gave it 110% even with jet lag!

im holding whiplaher to his word "we'll be back Melbourne!"