Friday, October 16, 2009

Broken Bone

Due to a severe case of "tennis elbow" (caused by tennis for sure) Bone is forced to leave the ongoing Into Darkness Festival to give his arm some rest after this years extensive touring. Yesterday in Frankfurt we unfortunately had to shorten the set because of Bone being physically unable to perform any longer. We apologise for the shortened set time but the only other option would have been to cancel the show completely. Still Bone deserves an applause for performing these 45 minutes in severe pain just for all the people who were there.

The tour will however go on, we have flown in our old friend Oscar (Thunder) de la Renta from the band Crescendolls that helped us out at a few shows a couple of years ago. We will spend the whole day rehearsing with Oscar to make sure we can give everybody the best show possible tonight. Bone is sticking around for a few extra days just to make sure that Oscar will deliver the goods to his satisfaction before he will go back to Sweden.


TinyAngel said...

Thank God you dont have to cancel the tour :)
I´m so excited to see you tomorrow :)

Good night^^
See ya tomorrow in NĂŒrnberg ;)

Anonymous said...

I hope he can play again soon ... without him the Deathstars are not complete!

Avarquare said...

Poor Bone :( hope he gets well soon.

Tina said...

Stackars Bone! :(

Babeyoca said...

Poor Bone......=(
I really hope he gets well!!

Heavy said...

saw you yesterday in nuernberg. Oscar did his job very well ;)

And get well bone :3

Anonymous said...

Poor Bone! Thanks that he gave his very best for us Frankfurter dispite his injury. Although the set was short, you guys rocked the house nonetheless.
I hope to you catch you in Hamburg and hear Oscar.

Vanessa said...

Get Well Soon Bone! Drummers Rule!!!

Big kisses to you all for sticking it out. Much Respect.

Shelbynka said...

Guys, yesterday - Czech Republic, was the nicest day of my life, you were perfect like never were!!
Amazing show, we will be crying a long time :)))
Hey, and Oscar did VERY good job and was very cute with "DS face" ;)
Nice work, hope will see you soon again, good luck in work on a new material.. ^^

Anonymous said...

Omg...i have been at the concert in Munich and i was soooo happy to see Bone after the concert xDDD I hope he will be healty soon...Deathstars I love you all <3333 (i learn swedish now, so I hope when you will give your nexr concert in Munich we can talk a bit...)

pizzisek said...

Well, on Sunday in Czech republic, Oscar totally rocked. And please, send my greetings to Bone!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bone is a trooper for sure.
I'm very proud of him.