Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hanoi Rocks & The Other Flesh + Class Reunion

I got back home on Thursday afternoon, made it home for a quick shower, some food and then away to the "Hanoi Rocks" show. 
Damon opened up with his band "The Other Flesh" and I was DJ'ing with my friend Anders "Boba" Lindström.
 When we were out of beer and the venue closed I decided to go home and get some proper sleep.

Woke up pretty late on Friday and headed for the gym. Had to pass Mosebacke for some work and then home for a quick changeover.
This Friday was not only the national day of Sweden but also class reunion day. It's been 10 years since I graduated and we celebrated this at "Pet Sounds Bar". I usually don't have any contact with anyone of my old class but it was nice to see everyone after all this years.
When the bar closed I met up with Damon and we walked down to "ROCKS" for one last drink in company of DJ DaKe.

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Anonymous said...

I graduated just last year,but sometime's we met(our class).Slovakia is very small country.It's not interesting now,it will be after that 10 years.Who is doing what,how who look's like....
I think you were star,you are doing what you love,you are talented,you have great friend's,beautiful girlfriend,you are very beautiful too and you have great body(I envy your metabolism),what else you what?:)
And I am very happy for you,that you don't smoke.
Ps:can you do something with photo's on the page?They are small and I clicked on them but they didn't become bigger.