Sunday, June 15, 2008

Festival Life

On Thursday me and Damon hit the train down to Hultsfred to DJ at the Hultsfred Festival.
Afters 1 hour of walking around and trying to find the right check-in desk we found out that they forgot to put us in their system.
Yet one hour later we finally got our wristbands and got to the artist camping to set up our two identical tents. Just to make sure we wouldn't mix them up we wrote our names on them, I found an opportunity to sign some other tents  while I was at it :-)

Hungry as hell we left for the festival area to eat and to find out that we wouldn't get any beer tickets valid for the backstage bar. Luckily our friends by the Jack Daniels display provided us with drinks and also a Jack Daniels tent.
11 PM it was time to start DJ'ing but unfortunately "Rage Against the Machine" was playing during our set and there wasn't many people there.
Woke up pretty late on Friday, both surprised we actually had a proper sleep in our tents. Sure some rain had leaked in and wet some of our clothes but that's what you gotta put up with if your stupid enough to stay in a tent hehe...

We hung out with friends during the afternoon and managed to see a few bands such as "Phoebe Killdeer & the Short Straws", "The Only Ones" and "The Hives".
11 PM it was time to hit the desks again. In company of the famous "Sebastien Tellier" and a crowded dance floor we had a fun night over all. I was really tired after our set and headed back to the tent for my beauty sleep.
Woke up around noon on Saturday and wasn't able to wake up Damon so I got me some breakfast before giving it another try. Apparently Damon came back from the party at 10 in the morning which explains the struggle of getting him up in time to make it to the train bound for Stockholm.

We made it home in several pieces, duct tape? glue? Ibuprofen?  anyone?!


Dominika said...

Lol,I wish to be there.It's great you are still non-smoker.In Slovakia is raining these day's sometimes too.Sometimes is cold,sometimes warm.....Global heat cause the weather is still changing and we don't have normal season's only mix of them.Have a nice day,kisses,Dhab.

Jeanette said...

Yo loverboy :)
Nå må du ikke glemme bort å blogge da ;) Fine telt! Fikk vel ett bilde derfra, hehe.....