Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Home for a quickie

Late last night we entered Stockholm and I immediately jumped on the tube home.
A very nice surprise were these two Brad Paisley tickets Jeanette managed to get hold of.
Tonight we're playing at Harry B James and tomorrow we're moving on to Växjö where we'll enter the stage of Dirty Harry.


Anonymous said...

Brad Paisley LOVE!
My favourite song: "She's Everything"!

djrampage666 said...

Hi Skinny sounds like you are still enjoying yourself, got the photos of Robin 2 but they do not go to the e-mail you gave me and obviously can't check on here. I will send a frien request to your Facebook and they are all on there, if that helps? Dean

Bumbi said...

Nice seeing you yesterday!
Hoppas ni får sköj i Växjö! Hälsa frugan. :D