Sunday, April 10, 2011

and thank you Helltrud!

You make our day every day.


Alice Leech said...

Hiltrud is so awsome. Yesterday we talked to her for a while. Shes just a wonderful person! :)

Allright, I promised you a comment and here it is. (maybe you remember :D)
The show was great, even if we saw just 4 or 5 songs of it. Anyway. Guess i will listen to deathstars AND vain from now on.

Oh, and you have to tell me when your in Germany next time. We'll be there. And we-ll bring some beer wiht us. (Steffen wants you to test his favorite beer brand o.o ... )

I wish all of you guys a wonderful time. Have fun, beer & more good concerts :D


Teun said...

Thanks for the show, have a nice trip to dusseldorf tonight!
And maybe this is a bit easier to get your photo's of today's show: -> live pul -> photo's.
Grtz, Teun