Monday, August 30, 2010

Undynamic Duo

Me and DaKe are fighting behind the DJ-booth at Vampire Lounge tonight. Let's see who wins.


Psychobunny said...

the guy with the pink guitar of course - it would blind the opponent *EG*

Fernanda Steiniav said...

Skinny you are simply wonderful! Deathstars love, you are amazing!
A huge kiss from your fan Brazilian Fernanda!
I also have a blog if you want to visit the address is

Anonymous said...

Hi you pair, thanks to you both my cousin was well inpressed hanging about in Birmingham in a pub with you two.

caseyy(: said...

heey skinny! hope you two had fun(:
check your youtube inbox, i sent you a video i made you and the others :D hope you like it.

here's the link if you don't feel like going to youtube lol:

DeathDolls said...

Du har blitt utfordret :P