Saturday, August 28, 2010


Last night we decided to try out the newly painted kitchen, just to see if it can handle the upcoming house-warming party.
With home-made mojito's, whisky and beer we did our best to put this room to a test.

I think we held out to about 3:30 this morning and the kitchen is still there so I feel confident it will hold the pressure of any upcoming party.

Let's start working on the other rooms!


The Alice said...

its all about party-proof paint :)
have fun xxx

caseyy(: said...

wow nice house skinny! im so glad that you were able to have a nice house-warming party and more to come it seems(;

<3 you

Psychobunny said...

Looks very nice and comfy especially with the ambient light. I'm sure the house-warming party will work out fine. But I still think you need at least one black wall... btw: greetz to Bone if you don't mind - hope his arm is back in normal working condition by now (he really should change hands now and then... *EG*

inhfsa said...

seems like a very cozy place ;))
and I see you have an Opeth cup! Cool!

arsenicAshley! said...

Very nice! And again, congratulations! Sometimes, change can be good.

Violeta said...

Very nice kitchen:)

William said...

Wow!! =O
J told me about it a couple of weeks ago!! I Must to say It looks charming! Congrats!!...I'm sure it's a totally Hard-Metal Parties proof one!! lol :P ;))