Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rehearsing time day one

We're back in Future Legends studio for one last practice before we head over seas for Finland.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like fun haha, party time for the deathstars :) Keep up the Deathglam and we'll all be happy. Fans and band alike :D

PS - Skinny, you should so teach Whip some disco moves, that'd be so cool haha :D


DeAtHgLaM!!! said...

Skinny, have you guys quit the forum? Can't say it would surprise me. The questions are so repetitive and stupid, it annoys me and I only read them... Ugh just kill the bastards already and come back ;p

Oh and while I am here, what did you think of Australia? Personally I think that Australia is pretty crappy and too hot. Sweden sounds like the place to be haha

Have fun with the shows :)

Psychobunny said...

Aaaaah, got your camera handy this time *G* Hope there will be more pics once you're on the road again. Have fun with the Finns!

Monika said...

Hi! So you are going over the seas, huh? You Swedish Vikings! I hope you do get a lot of screaming girls after you from Finland! :P You will so conquer Finland! I´m sure of that! Skinny,,I miss John, I hope he is alright :(, I want to see a new video with him, or some pictures, or a funny Deathstars video, but I know you guys have a lot of work to do. Damn! If I had such a kick ass job as you guys! ...Still waiting for the new album that was said to come this year, but I guess that was only a rumour then? Or was it next year...I can´t remember.But take your time, because it´s worth waiting fo you guys! ;) Hope you still have an amazing tour, and hopefully I´ll see you guys next time you´ll be visiting your fellow Norwegian neighbours!

sʍǝǝʇɯısǝɹʎ said...
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sʍǝǝʇɯısǝɹʎ said...

(='.' )

madeleine said...

you should definitely come to Poland, Skinny! :D

オテモヤン said...



Hey Skinny, I need your help. I am trying to start a band. Got any advise? Oh! And don't listen to Madeleine. Come to Newberry Florida, (or somwhere near) and do a concert! I am a newer fan and have never been to a Deathstars concert. Come to think of it, I have never really been to a concert. I heard you guys sound just as good live as you do on you CD's! I've watched you live on YouTube and it is true! How did you find someone with a voice that low?!? Hope to see you in concert sometime! P.S. What stores (K Mart, WalMart, etc.)would have Deathstars T-Shirts? Please write back.

Tiril said...

Good I wanna see you guys live again!!