Friday, February 26, 2010

Nightmare got installed

Finally we're in Finland and we travel around in a great 60's bus. Turku tonight. Yay!


Silmarwen said...

From Haven to hell
Good luck with your next gigs guys.

psychobunny said...

Ah, so nobody fell off the boat last night. And Night looks suspiciously awake... let me guess - he had his beer breakfast, right? Right... Have fun in Suomi!

sʍǝǝʇɯısǝɹʎ said...

getting installed sounds really hawt.

Anonymous said...

have a lot of fun in hell!
and your next gigs ^^

Anonymous said...

can you take a picture from the ubercool bus?
no i won' t follow you :P

Anonymous said...

Yeah, would like to see a pic of the bus, too!

Nas said...

Night looks really exited and happy :D
Have fun, guys)