Friday, December 11, 2009

Show in Karlstad (SE) on December 26th

Deathstars will play a show at Nöjesfariken in Karlstad on the 26th of December.

Opening acts will be Dead & The Living and Mamakin.

For more information and tickets please go to


Diabolus Angelis said...

Comes to Brazil and I'll be the first to buy tickets o/

WallaWallaHooHoo said...

Yay, you updated your blog. I've seen you guys on September in Australia in Sydney. I hope you come here again.

Spongebob said...

Wow! This is great! One more show in 2009!!

As a coming rockstar I need a pseudonym. I´d found one. My bass player pseudonym from now is


I think it sounds good!

Kattkatt said...

yeah... öhmm ^o^
What do you think? When do you come to Germany? And more importent: in the south of Germany... caus... I life there ^.^

PS.: Sponge... your Nickname just sounds funny!

Spongebob alias SPONGY BOBO said...

Hey Kattkatt!

You are from germany? Oh! One of my favourit band (except DEATHSTARS) is from germany. Do you know "SCHWAMMSTEIN"?

Azariel *-* said...

I was watching your blog, Skinny ... only to find one of whom I admire. And just when you connect I'm not! damn! damn lucky bla bla blaa ¬¬
This Christmas I would love to go to his presentation, the best gift! Unfortunately we live in a place located in a pimple on the backside of God! i wrote in your other publications, you have not answered me! you hurt my feelings! also sends a message to my beloved Andry in Facebook, nor responded...I expect an answer this time guys.
fan to death♥

Anonymous said...

GREAT! I really looking forward to this.... and.... its closin´up for the close up! Yes I will join you on that to =)

Psychobunny said...

Nope, still not considering emigration any time soon. Gotta wait till you guys come back to Germany :(