Sunday, December 13, 2009

Santa Lucia

It's almost as if I get religious when David 'DaKe' Isberg surprices me with a christmas buffe like this.


Azariel *-* said...

Actually looks good...
I was watching your blog, Skinny ... only to find one of whom I admire. And just when you connect I'm not! damn! damn lucky bla bla blaa ¬¬
This Christmas I would love to go to his presentation, the best gift! Unfortunately we live in a place located in a pimple on the backside of God! i wrote in your other publications, you have not answered me! you hurt my feelings! also sends a message to my beloved Andry in Facebook, nor responded...I expect an answer this time guys.
fan to death♥

Spongebob said...

Bon Appetite, Skinny!

Mmmh! Looks like double flipped Krabby Patty.

During the Santa Lucia celebration I´d found some new friends. Together we decided to form our first own band. The midwinter time is a good moment for that.

Anonymous said...

it looks good ^^
a nice suprice for you, so think! XD

PS.: sponge? I'm so happy that you found friend! ^^

Psychobunny said...

Bah, now I'm hungry and I still got 1 hour till I can leave work *grumble*

Babeyoca said...

Yum Yum =P