Friday, June 19, 2009

Tax-evasion barbecue man

Today is Midsummer in Sweden and it's a big party for us sweden. Yay!


Anonymous said...

Nice one Skinny you cna always manage to have a good barbeque even when you are busy I salute you King Skinny.

Kind of the almight Toast blogging system.

You can never beat the mighty toaster...hehehe lols I got a new boyfriend.

Elisa said...

Seems funny to have a barbecue in such a small terrace... at last it seems so ^-^



Bethany said...

happy Midsummer then :)

Vampyria - Brazilian Deathstars - São Paulo Support said...

Hmmm, yummie!!!
Have a good weekend!!!!

Shaara said...

Don't burn the meat, man! ;)
Hope it tasted good.

Demily said...

home sweet home ^^

Anonymous said...

I'm vegetarien I cna't stand the thought of killing animals to feed myself it just not right man.


Wookie said...

hahaha has whip attacked you again for hating cows yet??!!

P.s I demand more pics of bone and that almightly tache!!!

oh go on!!

kerosene said...

If u eat it with a tortilla, the result is de-li-cious :P

cyanide said...

mmmmm barbeques! mmmmm toast! me and my bf love barbeques well my danny (bf) is addicted to them only cos he gets to eat the breadrolls lol. he loves bread bless him.
love ashe

Jeanette said...

Det var en koselig kveld det!


Anonymous said...

Toast rules all.
But Skinny rules the toast so in theory Skinny rules all.