Tuesday, June 23, 2009

DJing with Damon at Mosebacke tonight


cyanide said...

woo bet that was laugh!
love ashe

HolzVonFiend said...

Sweet, dude. Have fun with that?
Goose xo

Elisa said...

Seems like you're always enjoying yourself... That's a good thing ^-^



Cliaz Catt ~ said...

You forgot something you promised me, Skinny.
But better late than never ofc.

* cliaz . catt ~

Demily said...

hey, great picture! i love Damon ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice dude I got drunk last night with my mate Ash he is so cool man.

I fancy him much but i already got a bf who happens to be ash's bestmate....Oooops.

Ah well if anything happens between me and my bf then I'll ask Ash out for deffo cause he's so amazing.

Where's my best mate Ashe (Cyanide) got to I really miss her right now.

She is the only person I feel I can talk to about my problems apart from you Skinny you're always awesome and always there for me.

Well you are always there for all of us when we need support in our lives.