Sunday, November 2, 2008

This is Halloween

After last years success when I dressed up like Sponge Bob I felt a big pressure to make something good out of this year as well.
So me and Jeanette came up with the splendid idea of going as Barbie & Ken.
Before going to the party we went to see Pernilla Andersson playing at Södra Teatern. She just released an album entirely in Swedish and I'm looking forward to hear it.
After a pizza and a couple of beers we finally took a taxi down to Metro where this years NMA Halloween Ball took place.
Enjoy the photos!


Anonymous said... totaly look difrent with blond hair.....Nice year you should wear something like batman or banana's in pajamas...that would be pretty cool...hmm.can you show your spongbob costume from last year?

Barbi said...

Welcome to the Barbie club, you look totally crazy! Blond 4ever hee hee

demoneque01 said...

did you just tuck your dreads behind your head?! lol you have lots of hair and it dissapeared, do you like your dreds and are you glad you got them?, thinking of getting them in a few years. and what did whip, nightmare, cat and bone dress as for halloweeny?
much love