Monday, November 10, 2008

Acey Slade’s limited EP is available to order

As some of you might know I had the honor to participate with a remix on Acey's EP "Sex, Murder, Art, Baby!".

You can order it directly from his MySpace site

Make sure you get a copy!

The official release date for 'Sex, Murder, Art, Baby!' is now November 14th! It will be available ONLY online and will be a limited number of 200 made. The 6 track CD will be packaged in a special 'Trigger Case' and comes with a free patch and sticker. Special Guest remixes on the EP include Skinny (Deathstars) Loopy (Handzel Und Gretyle) and Piggy D (Evacuation Plan/Rob Zombie). 



Nina said...

I'm proud of u!
go on! rock hard as u always do!
u're feeding me by your energy every time i see u.Thank you! u rock,man!
hugs and kisses from me.
Nina from Moscow.

Alex said...

U rock i have the termination bliss album and all the music videos for the band u guys are amazing the only roblem i si wish u guys would come and play at newcastle.

I kno u guys won't let us down with the new album and i look forward to buying it in January.

Keep on rocking out loud and keep in touch.