Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Party Pig

Yesterday the pig was partying more than ever and when he woke up he was really surprised looking in the mirror. Apparently he got a nose job done some time during the night. We know he's been hanging out with celebrities a lot lately and we think it could have affected him to do this. We still love him but he's been acting really weird lately. We gotta make sure he doesn't turn into a diva.
We make him play black metal the rest of the day to make sure he knows his purpose in life.


Milla said...

Hahahaha! What a cute pig! =P

DSF said...

HAHHA, best ever!

Siz said...

aww that's a cute pig... *__*

of course you have to make sure it doesn't turn into a diva... :)
but I guess sometimes the pig must be allowed to get a nosejob xD

djrampage666 said...

I am sure I have seen that pig in Newscastle UK in 2009 on the tour bus, is he doing his own tour? If so let me know the dates?lol

Andie Susie said...

Guys, don't be afraid, the piggy - with thoose sexy curves - has only a ghost of chance to turn into a diva. But in your place I'd pay more attention to Cat! ;)

Kathrin said...

Partying with you was soo insane! :D
On Thursday i couldn't remember what has happened last night.
The Wodka was to blame that i couldn't remember it.
can you remember me?

Anonymous said...

aaaahahahahahahahahaha XD


Pig Andreas said...

hey hey hey
she is my favorite Sweish litle friend! :P