Monday, July 18, 2011

TFUS! Only 4 days left

On Wednesday morning it's time for me to leave Sweden for 2 weeks.
First stop is of course Philadelphia, PA for Trash Fest US where I'll be hosting, DJing and playing in the All Star band. If you still haven't got your tickets, get them HERE.

When I'm done in Philly I'll fly across the country to San Francisco to meet up with the other guys in VAIN. Hopefully we'll have time for some recordings of various kind while I'm there.


Psychobunny said...

Ah wait a minute.... so you're going to have you b-day party in the US. Very cool *G*

Skinny Disco said...

That's right :)

Anonymous said...

Å d e ikje J så himla gla for!

Psychobunny said...

Hope you'll have one hell of a Party!

Crista said...

Ååååh låter kul! Lycka till! :)

Btw, hur går det med Deathstars? Ska ni inte dra ut på turné snart? Jag saknar er ju! Lova att komma till Finland snart!