Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mr request!

And this is the kind of music they want me to play :)


Anonymous said...

Ahahah =D

Jane said...

Why not?=)))))))

Henriette said...

Hey Skinny

Det är självklart.
Vad är det Ni svensken kan med er rockmusik.
Det låter alldeles för vild.
Låter häftigt Grymt !!

Ha en trivelig förlängt veckoslut

djrampage666 said...

It's going to happen, are they worth listening too these Deathstars? I know they get drunk alot, I might give them ago. Dean

Anonymous said...

I live in Missouri, USA and I was wanting to know if Deathstars would ever tour the us ever and if you do Pops in Sauget, IL is a good club to hit and i will be there.
\m/ 6White6Shadow6 \m/