Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New arrival!

These two babies came delivered at my door from our friends at Ibanez today.
One for me and one for Cat. It's only a week left before we head down to Germany for practice with Vain.

Thanks a lot Rocky for sorting us out.


Anonymous said...

Nice :)
can u buy one for me!!! hehe j/k
I would love to see u and cat on this vain tour but no money :( have fun!
♥ h&k xx

Psychobunny said...

Oh, those are tres chic

Henriette said...

Hello Skinny

These are two lovely ladies that you are going to use on the tour with Vain.
But is Cat not going to get in difficulties because of he's vanity, because on his DN500 Darktone's pickguard / scratchplate the piece of metal which he uses as a mirror. When you can see on Your RG350DXZ RG Tremolo's pickguard / scratchplate is a piece of mother of pearl, I just wonder?

Ha det gott!

Skinny Disco said...

Yes Henriette, we are very much aware of this problem. But we will find a solution for this.