Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dye, dye, dye my darling!

I'm doing everything I can to hide my blond Scandinavian hair. Looks like I could use a shave as well ;-)


fivemagics said...

At least you can dye your hair. I'm in love with everything Scandinavian lately, including Swedish dudes with dyed black hair. I'm not sure how that fits into everything Scandinavian... But one day I hope to catch a picture with my alter ego's "brother". :)

Henriette said...

Well Skinny
Are you tired of had to put up your hair / body to Wiphlasher addiction to blood.
When he says in Swedish "Så blir jeg liten sugen på att se blod I era hår" I hope that my understanding of the Swedish language is correct? ;-)

P.I.G Andreas said...

I need black paint, because brown hair is growing

malokrovie said...

I actually always wished i was scandinavian so i could be blond(